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Over the past two years, leaders from across McMaster University, all with a deep knowledge of HR administration within their Faculties and departments, provided input on the implementation and progress of the HR Review work.

The HR Review project governance structure was approved in January 2020, consisting of three groups: an HR Executive Committee comprised of the President and Vice Presidents plus an HR Review Working  Group, and the HR Strategic Implementation Team 

HR Review Recommendations and Objectives

The HR Review Report detailed 20 recommendations, which were categorized into seven objectives for improving processes throughout the university. Each recommendation and objective plays an important role in standardizing and simplifying campus-wide HR functions.

The 20 HR Review recommendations were wide ranging and varied in complexity. Added to the 20 recommendations were several projects already underway within HR under the HR Digitization strategy.  These were consolidated with the recommendations into 7 objectives, each with multiple action plans, and 2 foundational projects (see figure below).

Organizing the Work

HR Digitization Strategy and the HR Review Report projects were integrated because of various overlaps and common goals, resulting in seven shared Objectives and two Foundational Projects.

We were fortunate to create the HR Strategic Implementation Team to support the HR teams and constantly thank our partners and HR teams for helping to advance this work. The HR Governance structure provides insight and oversight  regularly reports to the PVP.  Over time, due to the detailed nature of the projects, it was necessary to introduce an HR Working Group (HRWG) to provide advice and approvals to process changes.  This group is made up of  Directors of Finance and Admin, Senior Department Finance and Admin leaders, experts from Research, Finance, UTS and HR.

HR Governance Framework at McMaster supports the University’s mission by building shared understanding on specific and broader community HR issues and enables an integrated approach to collaboration on and align HR strategy and operations with University’s overall objectives.