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Foundational: Mosaic HR eForms

Mosaic HR eForms are replacing the paper HR Event Form to simplify processes to update position and employee data. Manual data entry will be greatly reduced and the new digitized process will streamline approvals and enable reporting on key metrics.

Key Problem

McMaster University Managers and Administrators submit tens of thousands of position-related and employee-related requests per year. These requests range from creating a new position, to updating an employee’s assignment, to terminating or retiring the role. In the past, a paper-based HR Event Form was used to submit these requests. Due to this process being paper-based, many errors and delays occurred as a result of multiple points of manual data entry to multiple departmental approvals.

Key Opportunity

With Operational Excellence and improving the employee experience in mind, the HR Review identified an opportunity to simplify and improve this complex process – which would ultimately save employees time and resources, while complying with legal obligations. These were the key drivers behind the digitization of the HR Event Form.

In 2021, the Mosaic HR eForm project transformed the HR Event Form into an online, self-service process. The Mosaic eForms ensure that the correct information is being entered by the user before moving onto the next step. The turnaround time for form submission, including the approval to completion stages, within the system has been cut down, along with a significant decrease in errors, delay and re-work.


The first of the new Mosaic eForms were launched to the McMaster community on May 17, 2021:

  • Request New Position eForm – to request new positions, and
  • Request Position Data Update eForm – to update the attributes of existing positions

The successful transition to the new HR eForms is thanks to the cross-functional collaboration between the HR, UTS and Finance departments, as well as from the engagement and feedback from many colleagues spanning the McMaster community.

Feedback from users and departments have positively reflected the ease and simplicity of the eForm, the comprehensive instruction guides and training videos, and the rapid responsiveness of the team to mitigate any issues facing the user.

The position management Mosaic eForms were launched in May 2021, the 5 types of employee changes eForms were launched in January 2022. As of May 2023, 8739 position management eForms were fully executed out of the 9090 eForms submitted for 307 departments with more than 50% of the eForms with 24 hours turnaround time.

Employee Change Request eForms

The Employee Change Request eForms launched on January 18, 2022, which will automate the requests for Retirements, Terminations, Contract Extensions, Compensation Adjustments and Schedule Changes.

  • Contract Extension Request eForm – To request an extension to a contract for an interim or limited-term employee.
  • Termination Request eForm – To request that an employee be terminated from a position.
  • Retirement Request eForm – To submit a request to retire an employee.
  • Compensation Adjustment eForm – To request an update to an employee’s salary that falls outside the normal salary review process.
  • Schedule Change Request eForm – To request a change to an employee’s scheduled hours.

Information about the new eForms, the transition from the paper-based HR Event Form to the digitized eForms, and their impact on users, approvers, and Human Resources, will be presented to the HR community, departmental/faculty managers/administrators, and strategic partners over the coming months.

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