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HR Governance Framework

McMaster HR Governance fosters a partnership between McMaster University and Human Resources leadership in support of McMaster’s vision and strategy.

A new HR Governance structure was approved in Spring 2021, enabling planning and decision-making on key HR-related programs and initiatives supporting McMaster’s operational and inclusive excellence priorities:

  • Ensures university and human resources leadership co-create McMaster’s human resources strategy and monitor plans and progress toward this strategy;
  • Gains faculty and staff input to the development and implementation of HR priorities, programs, and processes;
  • Captures diverse voices and innovative thinking through dialogue with current and future workers; and
  • Recognizes the unique attributes of a human resources governance structure vis-à-vis other governance models at McMaster.

McMaster University and HR leadership are working together under this new HR Governance structure co-create McMaster’s HR strategy and monitor the plans and progress in achieving it. Governance also gives faculty and staff an opportunity to provide input, diverse voices and innovative thinking to to the development and implementation of HR priorities, programs and processes.

HR Executive Committee: Architect and Steward

  • Partners with the VP Operations & Finance and the CHRO to co-create an HR strategic plan
  • Provides insight and oversight to continuously improve institutional effectiveness
  • Champions the voice of the employee
  • Monitors HR operational plans and resources to ensure alignment with priorities and budget
  • Monitors the effectiveness of employee and leader policies and programs to attract, develop, and retain talent
  • Monitors management of enterprise and reputational risks related to employee and employer

HR Working Group: Input, Integration, Implementation

Represents functional accountabilities from faculties/departments across the university. Members are considered to be respected leaders in their area of expertise and by the faculties/departments they represent.

  • Be a sounding board for HR policy and program development
  • Provide insights and recommendations to HR program development
  • Suggest opportunities for new HR programs based on faculty/department needs
  • Suggest opportunities to improve HR administrative accuracy, efficiency and user experience
  • Provide input regarding requirements and preferred solutions for integrating of new ways of work in their faculty/department
  • Contribute to effective implementation of programs and processes through collaborating on the development and implementation of change management plans and activities
  • Be champions for HR and people within their representative areas and across the university

HR Innovators Advisory Council: New Voices, New Thinking About Work

  • An opportunity for new voices to have impact on future HR policies and programs
  • Represents diverse groups and thinking styles
  • Has the pulse of the next generation of workers
  • Partners in identifying emerging employee and employer trends
  • Is a sounding board for HR program development
  • Generates ideas for the future of work
  • Generates ideas for McMaster employees to help create a brighter future for our city and region
  • Provides an opportunity for diverse, hi-potential employees and student representatives to have an impact on McMaster’s culture and people strategies