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HR Governance Framework

Enabling stronger oversight, partnership, and delivery of HR strategic priorities.

A refreshed HR Governance framework launched in Fall 2023, along with the HR Operational Strategy. The framework will foster better collaboration between university and Human Resources leadership, allowing for transparent and timely decision-making, prioritization of HR programs, monitoring progress and ongoing information.

HR Governance Framework


PVP HR Executive Committee HR Implementation Committee

Receive quarterly updates on key HR initiatives for awareness and provide strategic direction as needed.

Academic and administrative leadership come together bi-monthly to discuss priorities, share insights and recommendations, through two-way dialogue.

 Enable operational excellence, by providing insights, recommendations, areas of opportunity and support for HR program development.

Through this framework, we will ensure:

  • Ongoing review of strategic deliverables, discussing arising needs and required changes, while monitoring progress and key performance indicators.
  • Opportunity for key partners and university leaders to provide strategic input, gathering diverse perspectives and innovative thinking, through open dialogue.
  • Timely decision-making and prioritization of HR programs.
  • Engagement of Steering Committee to support development of the strategic plan, HR Executive approval.

As we continue to operate under this framework, any related updates and enhancements will continue to be shared through various community engagement activities, our HR website and our HR Annual Report.