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Payroll Workflow and Standard Operating Procedures

Develop workflow, process charts and standard operating procedures (SOP) for all payroll and employee records maintenance tasks to enhance processes, while reducing errors.

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Key deliverables include:

    • Complete a review of how other universities integrate PeopleSoft HR/Finance modules and how they have deployed the job coding/chart of account structures. Collaborate with Financial Affairs.
    • Develop a comprehensive list of all workflow/processes/tasks.
    • Assess all in progress projects and initiatives and prioritized those that improve payroll outcomes.  Prioritize analysis based on the greatest impact and ease of implementation for review and endorsement by HR Review Steering Committee. Will introduce new/enhanced process workflows, supporting resources and SOPs within each project Continued focus on foundational project priorities including Position Management and HR Event Form projects. See also Objective 2Payroll Metrics and Reporting
    • Work with HR and Faculty Relations Office (FRO) to develop or refine workflow, process charts and SOPs for inputting faculty data. See also Objective 4Responding to Unique FHS Requirements and Objective 5Human Resources Functional Organization Design
    • Review all documentation of payroll processes and employee record maintenance SOPs to ensure all are up to date. Ensure clear role accountabilities and hand-offs are defined for each step in the SOP.
    • Develop and implementing staff training for all current and new SOPs and technology applications.
    • Introduce new HR Service Desk; enhanced queue support, central e-mail, JIRA technology and reporting