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Hiring Process Improvement Initiative

McMaster University is dedicated to attracting and selecting the right talent to position the University well for the future. The HR Review identified opportunities of improvement to become a world-class leader in best hiring practices and exceptional experiences for hiring managers, applicants, and candidates.


What is HPII?

  • The Hiring Process Improvement Initiative (HPII) is a collaborative project with the Faculty of Engineering, Organizational Development (Talent Acquisition and Employment Equity), HR Operations and the HR Project Management Office (HR PMO) to identify short and long-term improvements to the hiring process for TMG, Unifor Unit 1 and Interim employee groups. Concentrating on the Faculty of Engineering enabled participants and stakeholders to focus on current hiring processes and develop innovative ideas with minimal disruption to other faculties and departments.
  • Forty-one (41) hiring process recommendations were identified, with a focus on five initial areas of focus

The Opportunity: Create Exceptional Hiring Experiences through Strategic Goals:

  • Fostering a fair and equitable hiring process
  • Creating a holistic, customer-centric view to hiring
  • Enriching the applicant/candidate talent pool

Tactical Implementation:

  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities between HR and the hiring faculty or department
  • Promoting common hiring and onboarding practices across McMaster University
  • Reducing the current hiring process complexity
  • HPII Project Goal


What Did We Learn?

  • An action plan/implementation for the five critical areas is currently in progress.
  • There is opportunity for improvement in each stage of the hiring process for greater efficiencies and candidate engagement.
  • Transparency on position requirements and the interview/selection process is required to compete for the best candidates
  • Recruitment is about relationship-building. McMaster is being evaluated as an employer as much as applicants/candidates are evaluated for positions.
  • McMaster University lacks consistency in the experience delivered to attract and hire the best candidate.
  • Technology has a role in driving recruitment decisions, facilitate applicant/candidate engagement, and streamline hiring process work.
  • Not all recruitment features within Mosaic are being used or utilized as intended.
  • Once the action plan for the initial five critical areas is complete, it will be incorporated into and aligned with the Strategic Hiring and Talent Initiatives project (Fall 2021). This will also include the additional 36 recommendations.

What’s Happening Now?

  • Short-Term action plan implementation for the five critical areas is currently in progress.

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